Our employees use recognised qualifications and years of experience to give expert global analysis on a wide field of industries.

Employees - China

Dr Derong Chen

Dr Derong Chen specialises in Chinese industry structure and policy. She has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour, a Materials Science Bachelor Degree and 38 years experience working in both State Owned Enterprises (SOE) and MNC's in China. Dr Chen works as a Specialist Consultant within C&M and is based in Beijing.

Helen Yang

Helen Yang has a Master of Commerce Degree from the University of Sydney, Australia. Helen works as a Research Manager for The CM Group and her project experience includes fund management fundamentals, market landscape and bulk commodities logistics. 

Mike Lei

Mike Lei has a bachelor degree of business administration and over two years' consulting experience in iron and steel field at a reputable industrial institution. He starts his career in non-ferrous metals industry by joining CM GROUP in 2012.

Dan Lou

Lou Dan is an administrative and human resources specialist with a bachelor’s degree in English language. She has 10 years’ experience at foreign companies in office management, human resources, client development and government relations.

Cihang Chen

Cihang Chen holds a Master of Material Science and Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is currently working as a researcher in CM Beijing Representative Office.