Our employees use recognised qualifications and years of experience to give expert global analysis on a wide field of industries.

Employees - Australia

Liping Li

Liping Li has a Master of Business Economics Degree and comes to CM with a multi-national education background. Liping assumes dual role of Senior Analyst and Chief Economist for CM and is based in Australia.

Bill Dalton

Bill Dalton is a degree qualified Metallurgical Engineer and comes to the CM Group with over twenty years experience in the metallurgical industry, initially as an engineer and then as a business analyst. Bill is based in Adelaide as the Principal Analyst. Bill’s background equips him well to form an in depth understanding of the critical issues for each project, both technical and business.

Joyce Zhang

Joyce Zhang has a Master Degree in English (Translation), double Bachelor Degrees in Business English and Customs Administration from University of International Business and Economics. Joyce works as a market coordinator in multiple global locations for The CM Group, responsible for news publication and engaged in marketing related projects. She is also a professional translator with 5 years experience in translation.