China’s soaring zinc demand in the past few years has sent global prices well above industry fundamentals. China responded with unprecedented growth in domestic supply, the speed and scale of which took many in the wider industry by surprise. 

How long will China’s influence last?  How will Chinese Government protection and interventionism affect the global market? Will industry consolidation continue? Will this supply continue to overhang the market? Can growth levels be sustained?

Applying its proven industry assessment methodology, the CM Group conducted a thorough, ground up analysis of the zinc industry value chain. Informed by the findings of numerous field visits and our comprehensive industry database, the view generated from our analysis is original, up to date and - thanks to our exclusive access to primary data - often different from the prevailing market view or from that of other analysts.

The CM Group adopts both top down and bottom up methodology to assess the industry. Field studies are one of many tools used to conduct comparative regional research and to identify and rank producers. Our dedicated teams continually monitor industry dynamics and our databases are kept up to date with the most accurate data sources available. Backed by years of research experience coupled with a strong local presence and enviable industry network in China, CM Group has the proven capability to deliver timely, independent insights on the zinc industry to support informed decision making.