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According to CM’s 2011 global assessment, China currently produces over 80% of the world’s WO3. The country is also responsible for over 75% of global ammonium para-tungstate (APT) production, the intermediate product between concentrate and oxide. 

China’s strong presence currently affords it a degree of global pricing authority which, combined with the on-going process of domestic industry consolidation, is concentrating industry influence in a declining number of larger producers. But how long will China’s influence last? How will China’s cost structure change over the next decade and what new projects outside China might change the global balance?

CM Group has identified over 30 new projects and over 40 exploration projects outside China. Our forthcoming report will detail their status and analyse the future growth in Non-China supply including outlook cost curve and capacity.

China’s tungsten industry is also influenced by state and local politics and policies, through such measures as mining licence restrictions and production and export quotas. These quotas often change and, as a result, introduce uncertainty and opaqueness to the wider industry. 

CM’s tungsten work focuses on China’s tungsten industry, given its significant influence, and seeks to explain the behaviour of both the participants themselves and the policymakers.

Our team continuously monitors industry dynamics and our databases are kept up-to-date to provide the most accurate tungsten industry assessments available. Our enviable industry network is strong, both inside and outside China and we are in constant contact with key including key entities and industry participants.

Our consultants are trained to conduct detailed tungsten industry analyses and our process delivers unique insights based on our independent assessment of the industry.

Clients for CM’s tungsten consulting services include 

  • Newcrest Mining
  • HC Stark
  • King Island Scheelite
  • Nui Phao Mining
  • Woulfe Mining
  • Vital Metals