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Since 2007, the global molybdenum price has experienced a succession of sharp surges and sudden declines, with the current position characterized by lingering lows.

Recent dramatic changes in the global molybdenum landscape are closely related to the rapid growth of China’s molybdenum industry.  China’s total mining and dressing capacity has undergone rapid expansion and drastic changes in geographic distribution. In response to Government intervention and low market prices, China’s molybdenum industry is currently undergoing a process of consolidation and vertical integration.  

Chinese molybdenum is predominantly produced from molybdenite ores, differing from the European and American industry where molybdenum concentrate is an associated product in copper ores. China is encouraging the introduction of the multiple hearth furnace process to improve environmental protection technology, raise recovery rates and maximize resource utilization

How will increasing consolidation and imposition of environmental standards affect the Chinese industry’s costs structures? Will China’s molybdenum industry continue expanding at a similar pace? Will the global molybdenum market dip further? What are the underlying factors which will determine future molybdenum prices?

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