Industries Manganese

China’s ferroalloy related industries are extremely dynamic. The domestic Manganese Rich Slag (MRS) industry emerged from the shadow of its ferroalloy and pig iron industry roots, offering a legitimate, alternative source of contained manganese suitable for Chinese ferroalloy production. Rapid growth of the evolving MRS industry resembles the recent rampant progression of China’s nickel pig iron industry.  Constant changes to the manganese supply base can have dramatic effects on non-domestic producers and access to expert research knowledge, local expertise and key industry contacts is crucial in identifying emerging trends.

The CM Group is well positioned to offer high quality analysis and insights into the industry, having commenced in depth research of manganese in 2008 after movement in the Chinese MRS industry began to pique global interest. 

Since that time, our experienced teams have conducted 4 extensive studies targeting different areas of the manganese industry; in both MRS and manganese based ferroalloy industries in China. 

The CM Group employs both top and bottom up research methods to assess the industry, a proven approach which has resulted in a thorough understanding of:

  • Domestic Mn ore reserves, their suitability for use in the MRS process and their potential utilization in the future (especially deposits previously considered uneconomic)
  • Current MRS capacity, production and utilization rates throughout China
  • China’s current and future capability to produce manganese alloys
  • The relationships between raw materials feed grades, prices, geographic regions and blending options
  • Ore sintering dynamics & costs
  • Cost structure of the industry, including mining, intermediate processing and production
  • Forecast of prices, capacity, production and industry structure

Backed by years of research experience and coupled with a strong local presence in China, The CM Group has developed a comprehensive database and an enviable industry network, enabling us to conduct in-depth analysis and to deliver independent assessment. Our dedicated team continually monitors industry dynamics and our databases are kept up to date with the most accurate data sources available.

Whether your questions are about MRS, SiMn, FeMn, ore, blast or electric furnaces, the CM Group has the proven track record, expert capability and strong local knowledge to deliver high quality and timely insights for informed decision making.