Industries Carbon

With growing focus on climate change, carbon emissions will inevitably become an essential issue in doing business in China. As a prelude to its proposed transformation to a low-carbon economy, China has committed to reduce CO2 emission per unit GDP by almost half of 2005 levels by 2020. Whilst this action immediately puts China in a leading role in combating emission and improving energy efficiency, it could also pose significant problems for China’s high energy-consuming sectors, in particular, primary aluminium, iron and steel, cement and other major industries.

How will closure of smaller, inefficient smelters influence China’s primary aluminium supply? How will foreign carbon taxes impact China’s aluminium exports? How will smelters gain a competitive edge in terms of energy cost in the future? 

The CM Group undertook a comprehensive study of the evolution of China’s carbon emission policies, focusing on potential impacts to the primary aluminium and steel industries. Through extensive first hand research, primary data collection and interviews with key industry players, we have developed a comprehensive database of electricity price and captive power generators which serves as a solid foundation for analysis.

Backed by years of research experience coupled with a strong local presence and an enviable industry network in China, the CM Group commands an unrivalled position in understanding the complexities of Chinese carbon emission landscape. Our dedicated team has the proven capability to deliver timely and independent analysis to support informed decision making.