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China is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer of primary aluminium and is forecast to remain so for years to come. Over the past seven years, the Chinese industry has undergone phenomenal development; with rapid expansion in smelting and reserve exploitation in addition to the construction of new refinery capacity equivalent to that built globally during the last 100 years.

Understanding and analysing the Chinese industry’s game changing development is crucial to strong strategic decision making for companies outside of China. What are the characteristics of the bauxite reserves feeding these refineries? What is the cost structure of the new refinery capacity? Can such amazing growth be sustained?

The CM Group were on the ground in China at the beginning of this growth in 2004 - strategically placed to gain unique insights and knowledge, experience which laid the foundations for our extensive database and comprehensive industry network.

Based on the painstaking collection of primary data and the results of over 1,000 field studies, our dedicated teams have conducted ground-up research and assessment which offer a thorough understanding into the industry value chain. The view generated from our analysis is original, up to date and - thanks to our access to primary data - often different from the prevailing market view or from that of other analysts. 

The CM Group has a proven track record of high quality research projects for clients both inside and outside of China including a world bauxite study, a global alumina cost study, refinery studies and constructability of a foreign plant using Chinese technology.  In 2010, the CM Group created the first ever China domestic alumina price index, CMAAX.

Clients for CM Group’s aluminium consulting services include:

  • BHPBilliton
  • RioTinto Alcan
  • Alumina Ltd
  • Australian Aluminium Council
  • Macquarie Bank


Our experienced consultants deliver timely and independent information and analysis, equipping clients with in depth industry knowledge and enabling confident decision making.