The CM Group celebrates ten years of operations in China in 2011.

Over the past decade we have conducted a wide range of consulting projects covering commodity industries right across China, from Xinjiang to Hainan Island. Our ability to conduct detailed assessments in China is a core capability of the business.

The CM Group is a highly specialised consultancy, strategically placed to offer unique insights and experience to the global business community.

Through years of continuous field studies, data collection and interviews with key industry stakeholders we have developed extensive industry databases which provide a solid foundation underpinning our work.  We gather all primary cost input data independently and analyse it using our own proven, purpose built models.  Backed by the strength of an unparalleled and enviable industry network, our dedicated and experienced field teams continually monitor and update industry information.

The CM Group has a proven track record of conducting high quality research projects for clients both inside and outside of China. From in-depth, profound analysis, forecasts, cost modelling, price trends and feasibility studies, to industry overviews, our experienced consultants deliver timely and independent information, equipping clients with in depth industry knowledge and enabling confident decision making.

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