"We travel out to the field regularly to keep up with what’s really happening in the market. These findings help us better understand the industry, and lay solid ground for our analysis."

Daniel, Consultant

Why CM

Know the boutique advisory.

CM Business Consulting is an expert consultancy specialising in base metal, mining and commodity analysis. Our mission is to help our clients make informed, objective and conclusive decisions about their future activities based on independent, insightful and thorough industry analysis.

Over the past years, CM Business Consulting has assisted its clients to achieve leadership positions by establishing from first principles the fundamentals of market, cost and structure for a wide range of China’s base metals industries, including alumina and aluminium, magnesium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, manganese, zinc and other ferro-alloys.

“Get out to find out” is the very core of the CM way - we go where the data and our analysis take us. Our dedicated consulting teams conduct hundreds of field visits every year to mines, refineries, smelters and other key operating sites. We believe that the processes and methodologies we have developed over the years to acquire, analyse, assimilate and interpret commodity industry data gives us the competitive edge difficult to emulate.

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