"I have worked as a Consultant to generate initial analysis, a Senior Consultant to lead analytical modules, and now a Staffing Manager to develop talents. I much appreciate the chance CM offers to take different roles and to really understand the operation of a consultancy from all aspects."

Kelvin, Staffing Manager

Career Pathway

Take an accelerated career progression.

Your education, professional experience and your choice of career development determine your first position on the Professional Development Track (PDT).

At each stage of the PDT, you will challenge and reward yourself by playing a different but equally important role in the project team or research team. CM’s project experience and training catalyse your advancement along the PDT and transition of roles within a team.

How fast you could progress along the PDT is determined by your performance and result of review. Typically, a 12 to 24 months’ tenure at each stage is encouraged to be able to shoulder larger accountabilities at the next level.

We welcome highly performing individuals to take internal rotation / transition opportunities. We believe by assuming new roles and responsibilities in the team, individuals are able to enhance versatility and develop holistic view essential to accomplish career goals. 

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